About Clubs

What is a Science Venture Club?

During the school year, Science Venture offers after school and weekend clubs that explore science, engineering, and technology.  Activities are developed and delivered by our Science Venture Staph at the University of Victoria and surrounding communities. 

When do club sessions run?

For the Fall of 2017, we will be running reduced program offerings.  Science Venture will be busy prepping for our move into a new updated space.  Look for an email in the late Fall for our expanded Winter Programs List (clubs, workshops, events). Great new programs in the works.  


    • Due to non-recoverable costs, each registration includes a $50 non-refundable deposit. Given two weeks notice, we will refund the remainder of your registration. We will not provide any refund with less than two weeks notice. (Exchange of equal value is possible, subject to availability.)
    • We reserve the right to cancel a club that does not receive the minimum number of registrations required; all payments already made will be fully refunded.