Leaders in Engineering Design (LED)

High School Summer Institute - August 12-16, 2019

Are you passionate about developing solutions that help others? Do you want to apply engineering principles to healthcare?

Open to students entering gr. 10-12 in the Fall of 2019.

From August 12-16, 2019,  the Leaders in Engineering Design (LED) Summer Institute  will take place at the University of Victoria. The theme for summer 2019 is Biomedical Engineering.  The week long program, M-F (9:30 am to 4:00 pm), will have several components including:

  • Hands-on Lab Experience - led by PhD student Karolina Valente in a brand new UVic laboratory.  Labs will include material testing, microfluidic chips, and hydrogel synthesis.  All participants will receive a lab safety training session. (Perfect for your resume!)

  • Research Lab Tours - meet leading UVic Biomedical Researchers and their grad students.  Learn about current research including tissue engineering, 3D printing tissues,  smart bandages, and prosthetics. (Wilerth Lab, LiME Lab, Victoria Hand Project)

  • Industry Tour - go behind the scenes at some of Victoria’s leading Biomedical Engineering companies and research facilities. See and hear what a future career in this field is like!

UVic Student Connections - meet undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Engineering.  Learn about their pathways for choosing Engineering and what they are currently studying.  

+ What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical Engineering video
Biomedical Engineering is a field of study that combines mechanical and electrical engineering with the study of human anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Biomedical Engineers develop technologies that are improving human health and healthcare, here and around the world. Some biomedical engineering students may consider a career as a medical doctor, and therefore apply for medical school after completion of their degree.

+ How do I apply to take part in LED?

Complete a secure online application which has 3 main sections:

  1. Contact Information (name, school, grade, etc)
  2. Statement of Interest - using your preferred communication style - show us why you are the right fit the LED Summer Institute. Be as creative as you like! Video, audio, artwork, a poem - the format is up to you, but be sure to show/tell us about:
    • Yourself and your interest in science, engineering, and leadership
    • Why you want to attend the LED Summer Institute
    • What you can contribute to the program
  3. Teacher Reference - when asking a teacher for a reference, choose somebody that knows you well and can comment on all your strengths. This might be a math or science teacher, but it could be a teacher from another subject too. Please provide your reference with the following form. Can't get in touch with a teacher? Contact led@engr.uvic.ca for alternate sumbission.

+ What is the cost of the LED summer institute?

Once accepted into the program, the program fee of $250 must be paid to secure the spot. Bursaries will be provided for youth who may be facing financial barriers or who are underrepresented in the field of engineering (Indigenous and Women). Students who attend the summer institute whom have also been accepted to Science Venture’s JC Program will be provided a $100 discount.

+ What are the application deadlines?

Round 2 Applications

  • Application deadline: July 29, 2019
  • Application results: August 1, 2019

Please note - Round 2 applications will be reviewed by the selection Committee as they are received. Please submit early!

+ How will I know if I have been accepted into the LED Summer Institute

All applicants will receive an email from led@engr.uvic.ca. Due to limited spots, not all applicants may be successful.