Join us for the Winter 2016 Clubs Season!

Science Venture is excited to announce our Winter 2016 Venture and SPARCS Clubs!

Starting January 15, we will be offering 8 fun-filled clubs for participants in Grade 1-9. These Clubs include:

  • Mini Venture (1/2)
  • Junior Venture (3/4)
  • Senior Venture (5/6)
  • Techsplorers Junior (3/4)
  • Techsplorers Senior (5/6)
  • Codemakers: Retro Gaming (7-9)
  • Venture Girls (3/4)
  • Venture Girls: Techsplorers (5/6)

While many of the names remain the same, the curriculum will be brand new; filled with the awesome hands-on, minds-on experiments you have come to know and love from Science Venture. We have taken your recommendations from last months survey and have created what we are sure will be an even stronger Winter Clubs program.

Our SPARCS Clubs will be focussing more on the software this semester, looking at the many programming languages that are being used in technology today. This will include a great new Codemakers: Retro Gaming Club in which participants will have the opportunity to program their own text-based adventure game on a portable gaming arduino system. 

For more information on all of our Clubs check out the information page at